The President’s Visit to a Manufacturer

By March 27, 2008Taxation

Colorcraft.jpgFrom President Bush’s remarks yesterday at Colorcraft of Virginia, a commercial printing company in Sterling:

ColorCraft is a small, thriving business that will benefit from the stimulus package that the Congress passed earlier this year. It will benefit from it because if they make — if Jim decides to purchase software or machinery, there is a tax incentive to encourage him to do so. He’s made the decision to do so, and his company will be encouraged to do so through the tax code.

And that’s important because when he buys the machine, or when he buys software, somebody has to manufacture that. Therefore, there is a direct link between the stimulus package and jobs. As well — we talked about this earlier — a lot of the folks who work here at ColorCraft are going to get a check in the second week of May, as part of the economic, pro-growth stimulus package.

Coverage from Leesburg Today and Associated Press with pictures. Jim Mayes, company president, is former chairman of the board Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, the association points out.

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