The President, Off to Colorcraft of Virginia

By March 26, 2008Economy

From today’s Washington Post:

Bush will be back in Virginia this morning for a briefing at the Pentagon. From there, he will travel to Sterling for a visit to ColorCraft of Virginia. The stop at the commercial printer is meant to illustrate in part the importance of Bush’s economic stimulus package to small businesses, according to James Mayes, the president of the company, which employs 66 full-time workers.

Mayes said ColorCraft produces invitations, pamphlets and fliers for a number of government agencies including the Defense and Agriculture departments.

He said that he would not presume to ask Bush whether the family had decided on a printer for Jenna Bush’s wedding invitations.

“I will ask of course how Mrs. Bush is,” he said. “She’s everybody’s favorite.”

An outstanding, great, great member of the National Association of Manufacturers, we add. Colorcraft, that is. Not Mrs. Bush.

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