She Says Canada is Better than the United States

By March 1, 2008Energy, Trade

Our neighbors to the north welcome $100 a barrel oil. Or least Financial Post editer Diane Francis does, as she engages in a little épater les Americains to count Canada’s blessings. From “Canada’s Privileged Position“, where she cites reasons Canada is a better place to live than the United States.

-Canada does not have to return taxation to higher levels to pay for universal health care, because we already have high taxes and universal health care.

-Canada does not have a broken border with Mexico.

-Canada does not have a growing underclass the size, or proportion, of America’s to have to bootstrap.

-China is not a problem for Canadian jobs, but a blessing. China and India, plus other emerging countries, are driving the price of commodities to record levels and will continue to do so.

Fair enough. Such is the nature of a commodities-driven economy, although it certainly has its disadvantages for Canadian manufacturers. And we appreciate Francis’ proposed policy response to what economic difficulties there are:

We need to combat the high dollar by quickly eliminating all business taxes, and we need to fix some lousy immigration practices.

Good advice for more than just Canadians.

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