Scalia Knocks Media Coverage of Court Decisions

By March 28, 2008Briefly Legal

So we weren’t the only ones dissatisfied with the New York Times’ editorial reaction/misrepresentation of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Riegel v. Medtronic. From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Antonin Scalia took the news media to task Thursday for some recent coverage of the Supreme Court.

At a conference of attorneys in Washington, Scalia said news organizations often fail to focus on the text of the laws the court interprets, citing accounts of last month’s 8-1 decision that made it harder for consumers to sue makers of federally approved medical devices.

He singled out for criticism a New York Times editorial on the case headlined “No Recourse for the Injured.

The media often make it appear as though the court is reaching policy judgments on its own rather than basing its decisions on the text of the law at issue in a case, Scalia said.

In some instances, said Scalia, the news media leave the impression that no ruling based on the text of a law “is even possible.”

Our February 22nd blog post, reacting to the same editorial: “What Ruling Did the New York Times Read?

(Hat tip: David Freddoso)

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