Ozone: What ‘Moving the Goalposts’ Means

By March 14, 2008Energy

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Two years ago, the director of the state’s Environmental Protection Agency issued a dour prediction that made few people breathe easy: Northeast Ohio, he said, could not meet clean-air requirements by 2010.

On Tuesday, the region sat on the cusp of meeting that federally mandated target.

But on Wednesday, the U.S. EPA announced tougher ground-level ozone regulations designed to protect the public’s health. And just like that, the region fell behind in its quest to make the air clean enough to meet federal guidelines.

“This area’s going to struggle to meet the new standard,” predicted Pamela Davis, senior environmental planner with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency. “We’ve been chipping away at it, but we’re going to have to pay even more attention.”

More attention? That’s not the only thing you’ll have to be paying more of.

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