Once an Apprentice, now a Political Technomage

Great to see Dave Kralik interviewed in today’s Investor’s Business Daily. Kralik, who once labored here at the NAM in pseudonymous obscurity as the Blogger’s Apprentice, is now director of Internet strategy at American Solutions for Winning the Future, Newt Gingrich’s forward-thinking outfit. From IBD:

Kralik: We realize at American Solutions that what we want to accomplish cannot be done without embracing the latest technology. That includes social networking and online learning and collaboration and mobile technologies.

We opened an office here in Silicon Valley to embed ourselves with the technology sector, to learn from the best.

That’s part of my mission being here, to connect with the tech companies that made Silicon Valley the center of innovation.

IBD: But are you looking for best practices in technology or looking instead to hear what concerns the executives in Silicon Valley have?

Kralik: It’s both. We want to play a strong advocacy role. We want to understand the issues that are important to Silicon Valley executives and employees.

For instance, it’s utterly silly that we have to extend year after year the R&D tax credit and for some reason we can’t make it permanent. Why can’t we raise the level of H-1B visas (for foreign workers)? We want to be out here to advocate for those issues.

Nice write-up, Dave. Best of luck on the advocacy.

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  • Colleen says:

    28 Year Old David Krakil asks…

    ” Why can’t we raise the level of H-1B visas (for foreign workers)?
    — AmericanSolutions.com
    — Phone: (202) 355-9470

    My message for David is that instead of getting involved in the H-1b issue,
    this AmericanSolutions.Com should first contact the US DOC and request US Trade Representatives to raise disputes with the WTO to oppose “Free Trade Zones”… “Free Tax Zones”… in other countries.

    These FTZs are a violation of the WTO Subsidies Agreement
    which defines a subsidy as including

    “– foregone government revenue
    (e.g., a tax credit)”

    Until AmericanSolutions.Com takes a position on against Free Trade Zones, they should keep their mouth shut about H-1Bs… a subject they know nothing about.


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