On that New York Scandal

By March 10, 2008Briefly Legal

No, THIS one.

Former head of the New York City Central Labor Council Brian McLaughlin pleaded guilty Friday to racketeering, perjury and siphoning cash from union funds. McLaughlin now faces eight to ten years in prison for, among other misdeeds:

– taking cash to pay for his son’s tuition, and the mortgage on his $1.6 million Long Island home (pictured), and rent for an Albany apartment;

– using union members as errand boys, shoveling snow at his home, cleaning a barn, installing a home security system and scouring a basement for rodents;

– embezzling $95,000 from a bank account for a local Little League, for which he had members raise donations;

– getting $400,000 in kickbacks and three cars from street lighting contractors who hired his union members; and

– using union members as personal chauffeurs.

Good thing the budget for the Office of Labor Management Standards has been cut.

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