Oh, It’s a Full Day of Nonsense Here in Washington

By March 19, 2008Energy

Alas, we missed the opportunity to stand in solidarity with our comrades at the American Petroleum Institute, targeted for protests at 8 a.m. this morning because they caused war for blood for oil for imperialism for profiteers.

Of course Americans enjoy the constitutional rights to petition the government, associate freely, speak out, and opposition to the war in Iraq is a legitimate, widely held position. But that’s not what today’s marching, chanting and theater are about. Today’s about holding the United States and the market economy up for ridicule, contempt and hate.

Having watched many of these D.C. rallies, protests and bang-a-pot-get-it-hot gatherings over the years, one thing that recurs — and annoys — is the failure of the media to capture how unhinged and anti-American most of the protesters are. Reporters seem to hunt out the rational, moderated-in-tone speakers, who are in fact the exception — especially as the protests grow smaller and more radical. David Korn, a writer for The Nation, described the typical advocacy back in 2002:

FREE MUMIA. FREE THE CUBAN 5. FREE JAMIL AL-AMIN (that’s H. Rap Brown, the former Black Panther convicted in March of killing a sheriff’s deputy in 2000). And free Leonard Peltier. Also, defeat Zionism. And, while we’re at it, let’s bring the capitalist system to a halt.

Topical examples here.

According to today’s schedule of activities:

9:30am – March of the Dead begins at the Women’s Memorial at Arlington Cemetery
10:15am – Veterans ceremony with Buffy Saint-Marie in front of the American Indian Museum
11am – Public Gathering & Press Briefing at McPherson Square
12noon – Funk the War: Student Power Dance Party Against Empire, meet at Franklin Park, 14th & K NW
12:30pm – Die In at CAT, 1445 K St, with the Coalition for Justice and Accountability
1pm – War Profiteer of the Year Roving Award Ceremony

Student Power Dance Party, huh? That’s a powerful message of persuasion there. Can we get a Student Power Dance Party for development of oil and natural gas in the Alaskan north slope?

We usually stop paying attention as soon as someone shouts, “No blood for oil.” Unfortunately, if history is any guide, that kind of Marxist nonsense will get loads of media coverage today in Washington — passive, unquestioning, even positive coverage. While the rest of America goes about its business, secure in our liberties and living in a time of unprecedented prosperity.

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