Not to Pick on New Jersey, But …

By March 21, 2008Human Resources, Taxation


TRENTON—New Jersey’s $1 million national advertising campaign to attract businesses to the state appears to be generating interest, but has not snagged any companies.

“Relocation is a very refined business and there are entities that work with nearly every major company,” says Gary Rose, chief of the state’s Office of Economic Growth. “In that world, we see our job is to get connected with intermediaries and make sure they are aware of our programs and offerings.”

Perhaps the potential Garden Staters start reading the news coverage like this story and then have second thoughts…

New Jersey Senate Health Committee Chair Joseph Vitale (D) on Monday announced a universal health coverage proposal that would require all residents to obtain health coverage within three years, the New York Times reports. About 1.4 million state residents are uninsured (Chen, New York Times, 3/18). …[snip]According to Vitale, the second phase of the plan would cost an estimated $1 billion and eventually would be funded with savings from a reduction in charity care, as well as premiums from beneficiaries and other sources.

Oh, yeah. Other sources. The same other sources that will pay for this?

New Jersey is likely to soon join California and Washington in approving legislation requiring up to six weeks of leave to care for newborns, adopted children or sick family members. Workers receive a portion of their salary or wages, with coworkers providing the funds through new mandatory payroll deductions.

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