More Manufacturing Mindfulness in Minnesota

By March 9, 2008General

From the Star-Tribune:

Manufacturers told [Gov. Tim] Pawlenty that they have jobs to offer, but can’t find skilled workers or students interested in training.

Many young adults are passing up career opportunities with extensive training and salaries that begin at $50,000 a year, they said.

“It’s frustrating,” Pawlenty said at hydrant maker Waterous Co. in South St. Paul. “People have the mistaken impression that manufacturing’s a dead industry and that we are not making anything in America anymore. That’s not true. Thirteen percent of all the jobs in Minnesota are manufacturing. … It remains a really important part of our economy.”

Another myth plaguing the industry is that all manufacturing is “old, dark and dirty,” officials said.

In contrast, most manufacturing is now done in modern facilities that use robotics and computers. “This is not your mother or father’s manufacturing industry. This is not only about pulling the lever on a machine anymore,” Pawlenty said.

The Dream It! Do It! campaign gets a mention.

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