Minnesota Manufacturers: Looking for Workers

By March 7, 2008Education and Training

From Minnesota Public Radio:

Minnesota manufacturers put out the help wanted sign for skilled workers
by Tim Post, Minnesota Public Radio
March 6, 2008
While one might think the slumping economy would be the top worry for manufacturers in Minnesota right now, many companies say their biggest concern is the lack of skilled workers available to make their products.

That’s what Governor Tim Pawlenty and state economic officials heard from some Brainerd area manufactures today.

A well-done story about the workforce needs of a dynamic economy. And here’s another, covering the shortage of welders in Minnesota and what one company, Superior Industries of Morris, is doing in response.

Because of the shortage of welders in the U.S., Superior Industries started its own welding school this year to train new welders to meet the demands of a growing industry, one that is more than ever stressing quality and safety as products are becoming larger and more complex.

Superior began its school by investing more than $125,000 in equipment and training materials, then bringing in [Dave] Dybdal to instruct the welders in the techniques that would earn them the top available industry certifications.

“Companies have to do something,” Dybdal said. “We feel like it’s an investment, not an expense.”

Congratulations to Superior, a great example of the efforts manufacturers are taking around the country to address the shortage of skilled employees — offering people great careers in the process.

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