Lobbying: Resisting the Chilling Effect

By March 18, 2008Briefly Legal

The NAM has filed its response brief in National Association of Manufacturers v. Taylor, the lawsuit challenging the intrusive disclosure provisions in the 2007 amendments to the Lobbying Disclosure Act. You can read a description of the suit here, and the brief is available as a .pdf file as well.

Much of the NAM response brief relates to the 1954 case, States v. Harriss, cited in amicus briefs by supporters of the existing lobbying law. From the NAM brief: “Although the Harriss Court upheld certain narrowly-construed reporting obligations, that decision simply does not speak to the intrusive and burdensome requirement challenged here.”

The NAM felt compelled to litigate because the law undermines the First Amendment rights of the association and of our members to freely associate and to petition the government for redress of grievances. For more background, see this earlier post.

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