John Fund on Eliot Spitzer

By March 11, 2008Briefly Legal

Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund called into a Heritage Foundation bloggers luncheon today for a discussion of topics topical. On Spitzer, he said:

Eliot Spitzer’s personal tragedy isn’t that personal. It’s a public one, because he subjected himself to possible blackmail for months, for years, from a group of thugs who were running an escort service.

Secondly, basically his reform agenda had either collapsed or been abandoned. He was at 27 percent approval because of a recent scandal involving investigators that he had sent out to try to smear the Republican president of the state Senate. His first budget’s spending increases were three times the rate of inflation, which now led to a $4.5 billion deficit in the state of New York. And lastly, the one time that he did try to cut back Medicaid spending the powerful health-care workers union launched a community campaign against him, and he folded like a cheap suit.

Eliot Spitzer departs with very few accomplishes, and frankly, with a legacy that he managed to turn the office of state attorney general away from its traditional law-enforcement functions into basically a social crusader who would trample on constitutional rights and basically engaged in … blackmail of corporations and entities he was investigating.

Fund also talked about the anti-earmark maneuvering on Capitol Hill and the possiblility of voting by mail in the Michigan and Florida Democratic presidential redo primaries. Fund has criticized vote-by-mail balloting as an invitation to corruption; he’s written a good book on voter fraud, “Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.”

An .mp3 file (low quality, alas) of Fund’s brief opening remarks is available here.

Thanks to Americans for Prosperity for hosting the luncheon, too. Heritage has been a movable feast as of late because of construction at Heritage HQ.

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  • Pearce says:

    Where can I send him the bill to get my money donated to his election returned? What a cuzz bag of no morals we got elected.

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