It’s Slanted Against Us!

By March 25, 2008Trade

The Clinton campaign announced today that they are running a TV ad in Pennsylvania that promises that Senator Clinton will “level the playing field” by getting tough on “unfair trade deals.” As the White House prepares to send the Colombian Trade Promotion Agreement to Congress, Senator Clinton has said that she opposes the trade agreement and has called for a “time out” for trade.

We certainly don’t support unfair trade deals either. So we ask the Senator: How can we level the playing field while not taking action on Colombia’s trade barriers? U.S. manufactured goods being exported to Colombia now face an average tariff of 14 percent, while more than 90 percent of Colombia’s products enjoy open access to our market. Isn’t that current arrangement “unfair?”

Don’t you think what would be “fair” would be for Colombia to eliminate its tariffs on U.S.-made products and give us the same open access to their market that we have already given them in our market? We think that’s what would be fair. And it’s exactly what the Colombian Trade Promotion Agreement would do.

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