Is It OK at This Point to Say, Go Fred?

By March 6, 2008General

From the Manufacturers’ Association of Northwest Pennsylvania:

Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow to Moderate Manufacturers’ Association 103rd Annual Event

ERIE – In a year that has seen conventional political predictions pushed aside, two former presidential candidates will offer their insider’s view of the race for the White House. John Edwards and Fred Thompson will be the featured speakers at the Manufacturers’ Association’s 103rd Annual Event Wednesday, June 18 at the Bayfront Convention Center.

Former White House press secretary Tony Snow will bring his unique experience and serve as the moderator of the event.

“It has been a truly unpredictable presidential race full of great storylines,” said Association Chairman Gerald B. Eighmy, president of American Turned Products. “Who better than John Edwards and Fred Thompson to offer our membership a unique glimpse into the campaign trail and the pulse of the American electorate?

Give Edwards credit. After a campaign spent demonizing American business as selfish, greedy exploiters of the little guy, it takes some guts — is that the right word? — to speak before a manufacturers’ group.

Hmmm…Yeah…the better word is chutzpah. But then, he’s a trial lawyer.

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