Innovation, a Kansas City Focus

The Kauffman Foundation sponsored an important conference in Kansas City on Monday focusing on innovation and competitiveness. From The Kansas City Star:

Tops on the “impediments” list: a U.S. education system that’s not turning out appropriately qualified graduates for the workplace, the panel said.

“Education and work worlds too often are spinning in separate orbits,” said Emily DeRocco, president of the Manufacturing Institute. “As the boomers line up at the exit doors in our manufacturing plants, we find almost no young workers ready to replace them.”

She said government incentives, educators and parents need to redirect attention to the value of technology-based education, keyed to the needs of today’s workplace.

The forum was the first of three the Department of Commerce is scheduling to follow-up on an advisory panel it commissioned on “Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century Economy.” The Kauffman Foundation’s CEO, Carl Schramm, chaired the panel.

We’ll link to Secretary Gutierrez’s speech when it becomes available.

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