Infrastructure as Economic Stimulus

By March 27, 2008Infrastructure

Could this be a national campaign theme being tested on the regional circuit? Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, in an economic address Wednesday:

“We need a stimulus package that generates pay checks, not a single check,” Gregoire said. “We need a stimulus package that rebuilds our creaking infrastructure and makes our economy stronger.”

The governor is asking the White House and Congress to invest in jobs that pay family wages and improve our communities at the same time by financing “ready-to-go-projects” throughout the state and country.

In Washington alone there are 156 water and sewer projects worth more than $350 million, and 29 statewide transportation projects that would cost $75 million. All of these projects have gone through the design and environmental review process and could begin construction within weeks.

Deja vu. Public works spending — $6 billion worth — was a major component of President Bill Clinton’s first economic stimulus bill in 1993. The legislation was blocked by a Senate Republican filibuster and got the Clinton Administration off to a rocky start.

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