If Only We’d Thought of That

By March 20, 2008Media Relations

We’ve obviously been all wrong around here with our PR strategy. Forget the press releases, the news conferences, the phone calls and web updates.

We should have been blocking traffic at intersections, throwing red paint at buildings, disrupting government business, even dressing up in silly costumes. More crimes, less schmoozing.

After all, look at all the uncritical coverage the anti-war protesters received in this morning’s Washington Post. A front page photo, and then a full package on the front of the Metro section, with a jump inside: A photo spread with seven photos (!) and more than 800 words of reporting, with only one negative quote, that of an inconvenienced commuter. And the reporters didn’t even mention the more outrageous rhetoric, the demands for impeaching Bush and Cheney, the cursing.

We have to change our strategy. Where’s the red paint?

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  • Barry Pegg says:

    CURSING? How horrible that the Left should adopt the language of the country-club locker-room! Filthy Hippie scum!

    We will bury you, you swampland-developing hobby-cops.

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