Guess That Leaves Virginia

By March 25, 2008Taxation

Amid the recent spate of New Jersey and Maryland news, we suggested the tax increases and other government follies could drive businesses to Delaware.

But Delaware, too, has its problems.

Thursday morning I read a report from the Tax Foundation in which Delaware now ranks as the most expensive state government in the contiguous 48 states. We spend 18 percent more per household than New Jersey, 47 percent more than Maryland, 52 percent more than Pennsylvania and 70 percent more than Virginia. If you care about this state like I do, that has to hit you dead in the heart. Our families and businesses are paying for gold-plated state government and we’re simply not getting our money’s worth. Not in our schools, not in our roads, not in job creation.

That’s Dave Burris, president of the Delaware Taxpayer Coalition, writing in Delaware Online.

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