Friday Follies: The First Song Played on MTV

By March 28, 2008Friday Follies

Was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles,” but then, everybody knows that. It’s the quintessential pop culture trivia question.

Some 26 years later, a trio of high-school kids busked their own version, featuring a standing bass, a harp, and, what is that instrument? A Fender mini? Anyway, an amusing performance by The Wrong Trousers. (Not Roy Pearson’s, we hope.)

And since we’re featuring strumming small-sized string instruments, here’s a bonus link to an .mp3 of Stephen Merritt of Magnetic Fields doing “This Little Ukulele,” an in-studio performance at Fair Game with Faith Salie. No distortion. Because this little ukulele tells the truth.

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