FISA: From the Obama Camp, Support for Immunity

By March 7, 2008Briefly Legal, Communications

From the ABC News blog, The Blotter:

In a new interview with National Journal magazine, an intelligence adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign broke with his candidate’s position opposing retroactive legal protection for telecommunications companies being sued for cooperating with a dubious U.S. government domestic surveillance program.

“I do believe strongly that [telecoms] should be granted that immunity,” former CIA official John Brennan told National Journal reporter Shane Harris in the interview. “They were told to [cooperate] by the appropriate authorities that were operating in a legal context.”

“I know people are concerned about that, but I do believe that’s the right thing to do,” added Brennan, who is an intelligence and foreign policy adviser to Obama.

Senator Obama voted to strip telecom immunity from the FISA update bill, S. 2248.

Meanwhile, House oppponents of telecom immunity, losing the fight on the merits — and the politics — invent new controversies to justify their failure to renew effective U.S. surveillance of communications by foreign terrorists.

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