Cool Stuff Being Made: We Need Your Footage!

By March 22, 2008Cool Stuff Being Made

We’re running low on factory tours, mini-documentaries, and other video looks at manufacturing the United States. However much we love old industrial films like the RCA corporate history of pre-1956 developments in television depicted here (and available here), we’d much rather profile modern manufacturing.

So if you have a produced DVD of manufacturing processes or a facility tour, please send them our way. Contact:

James Skelly
National Association of Manufacturers
Director, Broadcast & Multimedia Strategies
M: 202-281-6754
W: 202-637-3092

And credit for today’s RCA industrial film goes to the Prelinger Archives, reached via is a great site. Where else can you watch the 1964 movie adaptation of “I Am Legend,” this one entitled, “The Last Man on Earth,” starring Vincent Price.

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