Congressman Wamp on Energy: A Broad Strategy

By March 21, 2008Energy

A good op-ed column by Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN), a congressional leader on energy issues, “Wamp: Broad Energy Policy Needed To Decrease Energy Costs“:

There is no one thing, no silver bullet, to quickly bring prices down. We need a broad strategy to help reduce prices, from increasing domestic energy production to developing alternative fuels and conservation.

Wamp urges building new domestic refinery capacity (a timely argument) and, as a supporter of the Tennessee Valley Administration, is an advocate for expanding nuclear energy. Bottom line:

In the short term, conservation is important. Any sound energy policy must both increase production and reduce consumption. Consumers are already adapting by improving efficiency and conservation. But the Department of Energy estimates that maintaining U.S. economic growth through 2025, even with aggressive conservation efforts, will require a 36 percent increase in energy supply. Without increasing domestic capacity, and until new technologies are readily available to consumers, we will continue to slog through the adverse economic impacts of high energy costs.

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