Check Out the Mote, Right There, Yeah, That Eye

By March 20, 2008Briefly Legal

From a fundraising/membership solicitation letter from Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen:

Big Oil, Big Pharma, Giant Multinationals, even Wall Street are buying candidates ad influence. They skirt campaign finance laws and find loopholes to ensure that they can give bigger contributions and thus gain more power over our nation’s health policies, energy laws, and lifesaving regulations that might put profits on the line.

From The Detroit Free Press:

A federal judge today dismissed Southfield lawyer Geoffrey Fieger’s claim that he is the victim of a politically-motivated prosecution in last year’s indictment on charges that he illegally contributed $127,000 to John Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign.

U.S. District Judge Paul Borman denied Fieger’s request to dismiss the indictment in a one-page order. Borman said the case will go to trial on April 14. He said he would issue an opinion at a later date.

Claybrook’s letter, by the way, makes a pitch for publically funded congressional campaigns.

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