Card Check: Schwarzenegger Vetoes

By March 25, 2008Labor Unions

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes the Service Employees International Union and AFSCME’s legislative effort (SB 867) allowing collective bargaining by state-subsidized family care workers, with a simple veto message:

Given California’s significant budget challenge, I cannot consider bills that would add significant fiscal pressures to the State’s structural budget deficit.

The politically most justifiable explanation given California’s budget mess, but we hope there was more behind its rejection. As we noted earlier, the bill would have eliminated secret-ballot elections and allowed recognition of unions via card check, where SEIU and AFSCME organizers would have gone to individual workers and said, “Sign up. No, really. Sign up. It’s a good thing to sign up. Really. We mean it.” It was part of labor’s creeping card-check campaign leading up to another vote in 2009 on the federal Employee Free Choice Act.

(Hat tip: The Union-Free Employer.)

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