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By March 4, 2008Media Relations

Congratulations to Pat Cleary, former NAM vice president and founder of, who has set up a new site that allows trade associations to enter the world of blogging,

From his introductory post:

Welcome, everyone, to, the first-of-its-kind business association community blog. What’s that mean? It means that it’s a blog with a dozen or so contributors drawn from the business association community — and one wannabe. If you click on the link at the right that says, “Who’s blogging,” you’ll see who is part of our initial band of merry pranksters. Click on a blogger’s name below to see all their posts.

It’s hard to believe that there’s any gap in a universe of blogs that Technorati estimates at over 90 million, but there is. There are blogs for just about every group and interest but until now there’s not been a blog for business associations. And, we figure our timing is good, if this Reuters story is accurate, that 70% of Americans believe that “traditional journalism” is out of touch and are turning to the Internet for their news. We’re figuring this Internet thing is gonna catch on.

We hope through our humble efforts here to grow the business voice in the blogosphere. We are capitalists, are generally pro-trade, free market folks who create jobs by the millions and power this economy. You’ll hear from the bloggers about their issues and about some of the things they are doing. We invite feedback, hope you’ll mark us as a “favorite,” hope you’ll check back from time to time to see what’s buzzing in the business world.

Welcome to

Also — nice, nice profile in Politico. That’s quite a list of contributors: Business Roundtable, American Trucking Associations, American Petroleum Institute, CTIA — The Wireless Association, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Nuclear Energy Institute, Organization for International Investment, Personal Care Products Council, Salt Institute and the U.S. Telecom Association.

Good idea, good luck, and welcome to all our association blogging compatriots.

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