Another Vote Against Law & Order

Ah, someone else shares our displeasure at the incessantly anti-business themes that dominate NBC’s “Law and Order” — previous posts here and here — in this case, Jonah Goldberg of National Review:

The story began well, like a good Law & Order of old, with a kidnapping, a murder and some warrant dodging. But, of course, that sort of drama is too pedestrian. So it turned out that the husband of the murdered wife and kidnapped daughter was in fact an Enronesque trader who deliberately orchestrated a city-wide blackout which had not only made the kidnapping possible, but prompted it in the first place (because the evildoers had a tip it was going to happen). Little did this greedy capitalist realize that when you wage economic war on the middle class you might pay a steep price.

You really wonder how they’re going to rip the Eliot Spitzer story from the headlines. Probably make the prostitute a plant by a business syndicate designed to entrap a crusading former attorney general. Something like that.

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