An Opening Toward a Deal on U.S.-Colombia FTA

By March 18, 2008Education and Training

From White House spokesman Tony Fratto’s briefing to the press corps today, on board Air Force One:

MR. FRATTO: And on Colombia specifically, we think it’s critically important — we think that we will be able to find accommodation with congressional leaders to get it done, and we think it’s important enough to do that.

Q Follow-up on that. Nancy Pelosi said March 13th that you have to have — they, Congress, has to have trade adjustment assistance action first before they would consider Colombia free trade. Is that what’s being negotiated?

MR. FRATTO: They only think I’m going to say about that is we certainly want to have conversations with congressional leaders and Speaker Pelosi on trade adjustment assistance. We support trade adjustment assistance. We think it’s important. We think it’s important that it works, and that it’s well funded, and that it does the job that it’s intended to do, which is to help those affected by trade to be able to find other employment if they are adversely affected by trade.

Bloomberg has a story on Speaker Pelosi’s remarks last week.

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