AG Jerry Brown, Suing His Way to the Governorship

By March 31, 2008Briefly Legal, Global Warming

This goes a long way in explaining why California Attorney General Jerry Brown has turned himself into the litigation-happy Environmental Minister at Large for the state.

SAN JOSE – State Attorney General Jerry Brown waxed nostalgic about his former days as governor on Saturday and strongly suggested that he might run again – just as soon as he is done suing President Bush over global warming.

In a speech to more than 1,000 activists at a state Democratic Party convention, Brown, 69, hyped his current legal battle to uphold California’s global warming fight and enforce tough auto emissions standards. “I’ve had to sue Bush about five times,” he said, because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “is blocking the will of the people of California.”

He stirred speculation of another gubernatorial run when he closed his speech by saying: “I don’t do too much these days except sue people. But someday maybe I’ll get around to doing more than that and hopefully you’ll help.”

The old joke around political circles is that AG stands for “Aspiring Governor.” We can add “Activist Guru” in Brown’s case, if only for the historic resonance.

P.S. Take a look the Global Warming section of the AG office’s state webpage. Brown’s insertion into a policy area that rightfully belongs to the U.S. Congress is breathtaking.

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