A Thought After Lerach, Spitzer, Scruggs

By March 14, 2008Briefly Legal

When William Lerach pleaded guilty last year to federal charges of conspiring to obstruct justice, his plea came decades after the first illegal recruiting of plaintiffs in class action suits. There was a longstanding pattern that eventually tripped him up.

And Eliot Spitzer shows every sign of having been a repeat customer of the Emperor’s Club Diamond Service.

Yes, there’s a lot of truth to the notion you don’t get caught on your first transgression.

So what are the odds that this was Dickie Scruggs’ first and only crime during his decades-long career as a trial lawyer?

UPDATE (4:13 p.m.): Lots more from Walter Olson at Overlawyered.com, including links to the pleas and facts posted at Folo. Zach Scruggs, the son, gives up his law license with prosecution being deferred.

UPDATE (4:17 p.m.) Had the news stations on most of the afternoon, CNN and FoxNews. Barely any coverage of the Scruggs plea we’ve spotted.

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