A Report from San Diego

From the San Diego Daily Transcript:

The Workforce Summit 2008 held at the Convention Center yesterday was a big success. The annual gathering of educators, government representatives and employers was treated to a great opening speech from Emily DeRocco, president of the National Center for the American Workforce and senior vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers. She addressed the “morbid fascination” that the media has with all things China. The truth is, she said, is that the United States is still the world leader, accounting for a quarter of all global manufacturing activity. China ranks third behind the United States and Japan with only a 6 or 7 percent share of the world market. True, China is gaining ground fast and our domestic industries are at a “tipping point” that requires attention. DeRocco also pointed out that local industries like biotech, technology and aerospace are all part of manufacturing and will only get better. She also pointed out that one-fifth of all the manufacturing companies in the United States are owned by women.

Emily DeRocco was recently named president of the Manufacturing Institute.

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