A Jaundiced Shade of Green

By March 28, 2008Energy

Brian Faughnan at The Weekly Standard punches some holes in a New York Times report full of bloviating about “green jobs.” So activists claim green jobs won’t be exported to Asia.

First off, what’s wrong with Asia? Do environmentalists not want Asians to have jobs? Second, if a green job cannot be outsourced, does that mean that manufacturing solar panels isn’t green? After all, they can be produced anywhere. And why do green jobs — not including functions such as accounting — require more skill than traditional jobs? Another green jobs advocate tells the Times that a traditional mining job magically becomes green when the metal is used for a green purpose. So which is it?

Advocates also say that green jobs are different because they produce things ‘the world wants.’ I suppose that sets them apart from traditional capital intensive and polluting jobs such as say, producing food and energy.

We’re all in favor of green jobs. And blue ones, and orange ones, and, oh, that’s a nice magenta.

And as for thinking, crystal-clear is our favorite.

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