…But Not In My Gas Tank

By March 20, 2008Energy, Global Warming

The National Center for Public Policy Research recently released the results of a poll that they sponsored which shows that 48 percent of respondents would not be willing to pay any additional gasoline costs to reduce emissions from passenger vehicles. Only 28 percent said that they would be willing to pay up to 50 cents more per gallon.

The questions in the NCPPR survey were in response to climate change proposals from Chairman Dingell but the Lieberman/Warner cap-and-trade bill currently in the Senate would increase the price of gasoline between 60% and 144% by 2030, according to a recent study the NAM released. It’s true that many public opinion surveys show that a majority of Americans approve of taking action to address climate change issues, but it’s always a question of theory versus practice, push coming to shove. Judging by this survey, support for the legislation will disappear once the public realizes it would hit them at the gas pump and in the pocketbook.

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