What is It With These ‘Law & Order’ Writers?

By February 20, 2008Culture and Entertainment

Tonight’s episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” deals with corrupt executives with a households products manufacturer who have an FDA official on the take, helping to cover up contaminated mouthwash that had killed poor children. Contaminated with anti-freeze. The Skull & Bones Society is mentioned as a source of ties among the movers and shakers.

Yes, there are murders involved, and the culprit isn’t so obvious as to be one of the top executives. But business sure does get kicked around …once again. Earlier this year the regular “Law & Order” made the villain a manufacturer of contaminated toothpaste. Contaminated with anti-freeze.

Ripped from the headlines, all right. The headlines of Mother Jones or The Nation. Didn’t any of these writers ever work for a business where the executives were honest, hard-working Americans?

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