Vodcast: Rep. Melissa Bean, John McLaughlin

By February 1, 2008America's Business, Economy, Taxation

Stimulating discussion on this week’s video podcast of the “America’s Business” radio program, as Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL) highlights the lightning-quick House passage of the economic stimulus bill (even as legislation to enact three jobs-creating, economy-boosting free trade agreements has seen no action for months). In praising the broad bipartisan House support for injecting the stimulus into the economy by the second quarter, Bean, looking to her colleagues across the Chamber observes, “The question now is what the Senate does…and that is always the question”.

Noted Republican pollster John McLaughlin weighs in on the rollercoaster presidential primaries, predicting an aisle-crossing Senatorial battle in November pitting McCain against Clinton. According to McLaughlin: “There is no way that Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee have the resources or the money to effect the states that are up on Super Tuesday.”

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