To the Labor Unions, Applause on Patent Reform

By February 12, 2008Innovation, Labor Unions

Seth Borden of the management law firm Kreitzman, Mortensen & Borden alerts us to a great letter a group of labor unions sent to the U.S. Senate last week stressing their opposition to S. 1145, the Patent Reform Act of 2007. An excerpt:

The American economy relies on the ingenuity and imagination of inventors coupled with the hard work and dedication of our workers, to drive our economy and the creation of jobs. The U.S. patent system, the strongest in the world, has protected the work of the inventor, solidified our leadership in innovation and allowed the American economy to produce the jobs and products of the future. S. 1145 would significantly weaken that protection making it far easier for our competitors to gain access to this knowledge and steal it for their own individual gain.

A very good letter. It’s remarkable and encouraging to see how an issue that is the key to our economic power – intellectual property – can unite disparate groups such as labor and management. The NAM is working with the Teamsters on counterfeiting and piracy, too. The fact that they’ve jumped into the fray on this is proof positive that not only is IP the engine of our economy and must be preserved, but that this particular bill is so harmful that the unions will break ranks with their usual political allies.

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