To Infinity….. and Beyond

Disney’s Buzz Lightyear has been an enduring character since his debut in Toy Story. One reason for his appeal: he believes in himself and that he can actually become a true space ranger. He’s also a hi-tech figure in an age when technology has us all riveted. Some even say he was inspired by astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Buzz wouldn’t believe all the technological changes since he first hit the screen, and many of us real live adults are trying to keep pace with YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Keeping up with where young people find their information and interact with each other is moving at lightyear speeds.

Still, Buzz is a very aspirational figure and so is Dream It. Do It., the premier careers and economic development website which is geared to show young people about careers in manufacturing. And Dream It. Do It. has just stepped into this new world of social networking. This week, Dream It. Do It. (DIDI) has been relaunched on an updated 2.0 platform. Morover, it includes all the major social networking sites. Click on DIDI’s website above and see how easy it is to migrate straight to any three of these sites where our sons, daughters and grandchildren flock daily.

If you haven’t been following DIDI since it was launched in Kansas City a few years ago, it’s worth a look. It is operating in ten cities and regions now, from Puget Sound in the northwest to the newest site, the whole state of Virginia. Communities embracing Dream It. Do It. are commiting themselves to a transformation whereby they will reach out to young people in their cities and towns to demonstrate why getting a skilled education can be a good career move. The focus on human capital strategies is increasingly one of the most important economic development tools and will only increase in importance in the decade ahead as fully half of the U.S. manufacturing workforce reaches retirement age and has to be replaced.

Dream It. Do It. communities are giving themselves an incredible advantage over others because they have the commitment to educate their young people in careers AND the foresight to work with local schools, community colleges, universities, technical schools and community officials to meet these goals.

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