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By February 1, 2008America's Business

Americas-Business-logo.jpgThe economy is shaky and President Bush and Congress are trying to get it back on firm ground with a $150-billion stimulus plan.

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL), a guest on this week’s edition of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick,” talks about the significance of the stimulus package and how soon Congress may approve it. The plan already passed the House.

Bean knows what she’s talking about — she helped craft the package. “In the House we’re moving full speed ahead,” she said. “The question now is what the Senate does. And that’s always the question.”

The presidential primary season is heating up and Super Tuesday is almost upon us. “America’s Business” will talk to political pollster John McLaughlin to see who could come out on top in the Democrat and Republican races.

What else will this week’s program cover? The National Association of Manufacturers economist Dave Huether will tell Mike whether the dark clouds of recession will roll in during 2008. “America’s Business” will air the second installment of its series on the resurging nuclear power industry when it visits with an official from the Dominion company.

And Robert Samuelson, a Washington Post columnist who has a reputation of delivering the straight dope on economics and politics, will share his wisdom with Mike.

To close the program, NAM President John Engler will give us “The Last Word” when he talks about why manufacturers need research and development tax credits.

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