The Framing of a Story

By February 28, 2008Energy

From The Detroit Free Press comes a 13-paragraph Gannett News Service story on the EPA’s proposed rule on ground-level ozone emissions, i.e., smog, “U.S. moving to clear the smog
Rules would be first update since 1997.”

Of the 13 paragraphs, one represents the point of view of those who criticize stricter rules as unwarranted and economically damaging. It’s a fair-enough summary, to be sure, although it doesn’t mention the lack of environmental justification for the increased rules.

But a spokesman for the National Association of Manufacturers, which opposes any change in the smog rules, said many communities are struggling to meet the 1997 standards and would suffer economic losses if pushed to go further to clean up their power plants, factories and tailpipe emissions.

The story basically comes down to a 10-to-1 reporting imbalance in favor of the advocates of increased regulation.

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