The Anti-Business Rhetoric Turns Uglier

By February 20, 2008Energy, Global Warming

Coming from the Senate majority leader, this is very, very disturbing.

From The Las Vegas Sun, reporting on Sen. Harry Reid’s remarks at the Renewable Energy World Conference:

He accused the coal industry of using “the old Hitler lie — when you say things long enough people start believing them.”

The comparison of the coal industry to Nazis came after his keynote speech began and ended with references to “the Jewish sages of yesteryear.”

It’s one thing for environmental activists, political extremists and just-plain-old idiots to toss around Hitler analogies; it’s the vacuous currency of demagoguery these days. But for the Senate majority leader to use this kind of rhetoric mainstreams that demagoguery, declaring the people who heat our homes and light our streets to be the equivalent of Nazis. It’s unacceptable.

UPDATE (9:39 a.m.) The Sun has posted Reid’s prepared remarks, which do not include the Nazi allusions.

UPDATE (10:17 a.m.): The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on the speech and its religious imagery, but does not mention the Goebbels reference.

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  • Joe says:

    I agree with you on this one Carter. I wish coal was a cleaner burning energy source but stooping to any reference to Hitler is despicable. If we shut down the coal plants just where would “Mr.” Reid have us capture that energy? 3 million wind turbines and miles of solar panels?

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