The American Dream, It IS Possible

By February 15, 2008Economy

From The Christian Science Monitor:

In a test of the American Dream, Adam Shepard started life from scratch with the clothes on his back and twenty-five dollars. Ten months later, he had an apartment, a car, and a small savings.

Actually, the savings was $5,000, which is pretty healthy given the short time he had to raise it. More:

The effort, he says, was inspired after reading “Nickel and Dimed,” in which author Barbara Ehrenreich takes on a series of low-paying jobs. Unlike Ms. Ehrenreich, who chronicled the difficulty of advancing beyond the ranks of the working poor, Shepard found he was able to successfully climb out of his self-imposed poverty.

He tells his story in “Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream.” The book, he says, is a testament to what ordinary Americans can achieve.

Shepard is young, educated, muscular and good looking, so has some natural advantages, true. But his experience still serves as a useful response to those who think the American economy keeps people down. Upward mobility is reality, and determination is the determining factor.

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)

UPDATE (10:45 a.m. Saturday): Nice interview with Shepard on the taxpayer-supported NPR, Saturday’s Weekend Edition.

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