Tennessee Mayors Protest Proposed Smog Rule

By February 8, 2008Global Warming

Thirty-four Tennessee mayors this week sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, protesting EPA’s proposed smog rule.

EPA wants to impose a stricter ozone standard that critics contend is unattainable, unscientific and could cause economic hardships for hundreds of communities trying to meet its goal. Plus, the current rule has significantly cleared the haze over American cities and needs more time to become fully effective before EPA moves the goal post again, critics said.

The mayors, including Royce Barnett of Stanton and Bill Wells of Lafayette, said the proposed new ozone rule could cost local jurisdictions $10 billion to $22 billion a year to implement. Here’s an excerpt of the letter:

By imposing the proposed new standard on communities in Tennessee and across the country, the EPA would be creating severe economic damage with no compensating economic benefits. In short, a new ozone standard would be all pain and no gain.

This isn’t the only letter against the new rule that has recently crossed Bolten’s desk. Citizens Against Government Waste President Thomas Schatz sent one to Bolten, Council on Environmental Quality Chairman James Connaughton and several other Bush administration officials on Feb. 1. Here’s part of what Schatz wrote:

It is ironic that on one hand the administration is urging passage of a stimulus package to spur on the economy while on the other hand, is seriously considering lowering the ozone standard that could have long-term negative effects on economic growth.

For the mayors’ full letter click here. To read Schatz’s letter in full click here.

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