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By February 22, 2008Energy, Global Warming

From the Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary e-mail:

Quote of the Day II
“I no longer care much about the science [of global warming]. To me, the central question, and the one that few are willing to discuss in depth, is: Then what?… Fossil fuels now provide about 85% of the world’s total energy needs. Even more important is this corollary: Increasing energy consumption equals higher living standards. Always. Everywhere. Given that fact, how can we expect the people of the world — all 6.6 billion of them — to use less energy? The short answer: we can’t…. The developed countries of the world can talk forever about the virtues of solar panels and windmills, but what the energy-poor need most are common fuels like kerosene, propane, and gasoline” — Texas Observer writer Robert Bryce, author of the forthcoming book “Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of ‘Energy Independence.'”

Robert Bryce’s website is here, at RobertBryce.com. You can subscribe to Political Diary here.

You’ll note we talk in terms of “energy security” around the NAM as a more realistic and achievable goal. Importing oil from Canada doesn’t really bother us as a matter of economics or foreign policy. Although having access to U.S oil and natural gas reserves should come first.

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