Rojo y Verde in Cuba

By February 17, 2008Global Warming, Trade

In Sunday’s Washington Post “Outlook” section, a dispatch from Cuba, reporting on greater freedoms being sensed as Castro slips away. The writer, Tom Miller, reports on a conversation with a long-time acquaintance, who goes unnamed:

She described a devastating rainfall that had pounded the eastern end of the island weeks earlier. People had lost their homes, buildings collapsed, roads were destroyed, railroad lines uprooted.

“If Fidel had been in charge, he’d have started a speech that would still be going, and he’d blame the imperialists for the storm,” she said. “Raúl devoted three sentences to it in a speech and blamed climate change.”

Is that really all that much different, Tom?

Elsewhere, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez discussed Cuba and the dictatorship when visiting recently with the U.S. Wheat Associates, opponents of the U.S. embargo. Gutierrez told them:

You may not see that when you go there and are wined and dined, but since the early 1960s, Cuba’s dream scenario is a world without the U.S. It’s difficult to do business with a country that would like to see yours disappear.

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