Recalling More Weiss Moments at DMI

By February 4, 2008Briefly Legal

Walter Olson at kindly links to our post on the left-wing Drum Major Institute and recalls another DMI tie with indicted class-action lawyer Melvyn Weiss. From May, 2006:

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (“DMI”) is proud to announce the selection of Cyrus Dugger as the first Milberg Weiss Legal Fellow at DMI. The newly created Milberg Weiss Legal Fellowship will focus on developing a new generation of lawyers who are committed to working in a legal and public policy capacity to preserve access to the courts and our civil justice system….As a Milberg Weiss Senior Fellow, Mr. Dugger will focus his efforts on preserving access to the courts at a time in which persons with limited financial means are finding it difficult to pursue remedy through the legal system.

— from the Milberg Weiss website, May 9.

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