Raising Taxes on Energy, a Key Vote

By February 27, 2008Energy, Taxation

The National Association of Manufacturers today sent a “key vote” letter to members of the House of Representatives, expressing NAM’s opposition to H.R. 5351, the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act. There’s much to like in the way of incentives for alternative fuels and energy efficiency, but the bill’s tax increases make the entire legislation unacceptable. From the letter:

In particular, we are concerned about provisions that would make certain oil and gas firms ineligible for the Sec. 199 deduction for domestic manufacturing activity and limit the benefit for other energy companies. The NAM believes that the energy debate should focus on increased production of all types of energy, improved conservation and efficiency, more research on technology and alternative energy, increased access to domestic sources with continued environmental protections, and improved distribution – not on new taxes on one particular industry.

Unfortunately, we have little choice but to oppose the bill because of these tax provisions.

“Key votes” are those the NAM uses to determine a member of Congress’ voting records on issues the association deems important to the manufacturing economy.

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  • LaVern Duit says:

    taxes,taxes no good will come from it .

  • John Corvin says:

    I don’t believe that raising taxes on any particluar segment of big energy is the proper course of action to promote conservation. We should let the free market do this instead. This hasn’t worked for the “sin” taxes, and won’t work here either. Please vote against HR5351.

  • Kelle Corvin says:

    Please vote against HR5351. Start looking at expanding our supply of energy instead of always looking for a way to make the existing supply more expensive!

    Kelle Corvin

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