President Bush on House FISA Failure

By February 15, 2008Briefly Legal, Communications

From the White House:

People say, oh, it doesn’t matter if this law hasn’t been renewed — it does matter. It matters for a variety of reasons. It matters because the intelligence officials won’t have tools necessary to get as much information as we possibly can to protect you. And it matters because these telephone companies that work collaboratively with us to protect the American people are afraid they’re going to get sued.

And the American people have got to understand these lawsuits make it harder for us to convince people to help protect you. And so by blocking this good piece of legislation, our professionals tell me that they don’t have all the tools they need to do their job.

And so now the House and Senate are off on a 12-day recess without getting the people’s business done. And when they come back from that 12-day recess, the House leaders must understand that the decision they made to block good legislation has made it harder for us to protect you, the American people, and we expect them to get a good bill to my desk — which is the Senate bill — as soon as possible.

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