Not Interested in Returning to Judicial Hellhole

By February 6, 2008Briefly Legal

In a high-profile judicial race in southern Illinois, voters decided against elevating a free-spending trial attorney to a judgeship. In the Democratic primary for an appellate judgeship in the Fifth Judicial District, voters retained Judge James Wexstten by a 53-47 vote, rejecting Judy Cates.

Cates, the former head of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, spent some $775,000 on the race — how does that pencil out? — most out of her pocket or from her law firm.

Wexstten had received endorsements from southern Illinois law enforcement officials, physicians and Democratic party officials. His campaign contributions came from a variety of sources including plaintiff’s attorneys, defense attorneys, labor organizations and the Illinois State Medical Society, in particular.

Cates invested heavily in media, saturating the airwaves with her message that politics has no place in the courtroom.

No politics? Ha.

That’s a report from the Madison County Record, the newspaper of a former Judicial Hellhole, as defined by the American Tort Reform Association, where personal injury attorneys cashed in big at the expense of justice.

Voters were given a clear choice: Go back to hell or endorse reform. They chose reform.

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