Mitch Daniels on Ozone: Don’t Move the Goalposts

By February 29, 2008Energy

Gov. Mitch Daniels continued talking good sense and economic reality when he returned to Indiana this week after spending a short time in Washington, D.C. Asked about the EPA’s pending ozone rules, which could ratchet down emission limits, Daniels said,

Having just finally gotten to the point where we can add jobs and grow with fewer obstacles in some of these areas, here comes the possibility that we’ll be thrown right back into the same restrictions…It makes you ask, why go to the trouble?

Gannett reporter Erin Kelly talks to the NAM’s Bryan Brendle, who provides more context.

Brendle also argued that new regulations are unnecessary because ozone pollution has dropped 21 percent since 1980.

“It would be devastating economically, and for what reason?” said Brendle, the group’s director of energy and resources policy. “Ozone levels are dropping. We’re making progress.”

BTW, we knocked a Gannett news story earlier in the week for giving short shrift to the critics of stricter standards. Judging from this localized version of the story, which includes more from Bryan Brendle, the reporter did do justice to both sides. It was the editors who cut the balancing points of view. (Gee, we used to say that ALL the time during our reporting days.) Anyway, good job Erin.

Also, video and audio from Governor Daniels remarks Monday to the American Enterprise Institute are now posted online.

And AEI’s magazine, “The American,” features a nice article, “Hoosier Fixer,” on Daniels’ government and budget reforms.

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