Mel Weiss: They Took His Drum Away

By February 15, 2008Briefly Legal

From a February 4 post about the Drum Major Institute, a non-profit promoter of “progressive” policies.

Not so long ago, DMI listed Weiss as a board member and contributor to the Drum Major Institute was Melvyn Weiss. You know, the Melvyn Weiss of the Milberg Weiss law firm, indicted for years of conspiring to generate false but lucrative class-action securities lawsuits. Mel Weiss, who turned huge settlements and jury awards into campaign contributions to promote policies aiding the plaintiff’s bar.

Funny thing is, as of February 3, Weiss’s bio at Milberg Weiss still claims: “Mr. Weiss is the Vice Chairman of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a think tank founded during the civil rights movement that today provides ideas to fuel the progressive agenda.” (Screen grab here.) But he’s not on the Drum Major Institute website’s board list anymore. Wonder why that is.

Weiss’ connection with the Institute has now been erased from his Milberg Weiss bio.

We assume the inconsistency and timing amounted to nothing more than desultory website management at Milberg Weiss. And, actually, it’s reassuring to find that the Drum Major Institute does regard an indictment as reason enough to remove (or accept the resignation of) the indictee from its board.

The greater point relates to the earlier post about the infrastructure of class-action abuses, the observation that trial lawyers like Mel Weiss spread their dollars not just as campaign contributions but also to create or fund institutions like the Institute for Law and Economic Policy.

And the Drum Major Institute. No coincidence that DMI operates a website, Nothing wrong or suspect that it does so, not at all, although it would be more transparent to designate itself, “The trial lawyer defense blog.”

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